Georgioupolis, Chania, Crete

Kournas Lake – Georgioupolis

Kournas Lake Chania

Kournas Lake – Georgioupolis

Lake Kournas attracts thousands of tourists every year. This summer, it is estimated that more than 2,500 people will visit it daily, many of them from Russia.

According to the prefecture of Apokoronas, the increasing presence is due to advertising that has been done on the lake in recent years.
Lake Kournas has become an attraction for the whole island. The tourists come from all over the island and daily receives 2500-3000 visitors.
It is a lake of outstanding natural beauty and its reputation grows every year as it is the only one located below the altitude of the sea.

According to the municipality, the increase in traffic is due to many factors. The municipality promotes the lake through various holiday brochures, as well as through many events that are held there.

Regarding problems related to infrastructure in the region, it have to do with the accessibility and quality of roads. As regards to sewage from restaurants and other tourist facilities that surround the lake all the shops use closed tanks, and there is regular monitoring by the Port Authority. Shopkeepers cooperate and by the Port Authority found that empty their tanks with tanks and the lake remains crystal clear. The locals have realized that the lake is a very important part of Crete.

Source: Haniotika News
Published on: 06/29/2013 13:59:18